For an exact price please call 970-749-7030 for a FREE on-site estimate OR use the following pricing information below to get an approximate carpet cleaning price.

IMPORTANT: If you are shopping price – there are plenty of companies who charge less than us. But you will not find anyone who is less expensive and provides as high as quality as 180 Carpet Cleaning. We are not the lowest priced; we are not the highest priced. One thing that is certain is our quality is unmatched. Your carpets will be cleaner and will dry much faster. Get it done right – the first time. Each cleaning includes complimentary carpet protector.

for the first area (120 sqft)
for each additional area


Approximately 20% of the jobs 180 Carpet Cleaning completes on average cost:

  • LESS if the rooms are smaller and/or lightly soiled/stained.
  • MORE if the rooms are larger or needs Restorative Carpet Cleaning (Moderate to heavy soils/stains)
PET ODOR REMOVAL – Please call for a FREE onsite estimate.

Unfortunately, cleaning your carpet alone will NOT remove pet odor regardless of the cleaning method used (steam cleaning, dry cleaning, etc).

  • Urine contains salts which do not dissolve in water. When a contaminated area is cleaned, the ammonia in the salts can be reactivated causing it to smell again and sometimes smell even worse.
  • Most failures to successfully remove odor are due to using ineffective chemicals and/or not following proper treatment. Many carpet cleaners treat the areas using deodorizers which do nothing to break down the salts. Often, the odor will return after several days. Sometimes on very mild odors it will be effective but is unlikely.
  • Thoroughly removing pet odor is not an easy or inexpensive process. It often requires expensive cleaning agents and can be time consuming.
Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Pricing depends on size/soiling/stains. Price may increase for heavy soil/stains or larger furniture.

  • Recliner/Standard Chair – $30-$45
  • Ottoman – $5-$15
  • Loveseat – $75
  • Sofa – $100
  • Sectional Sofa – $175-$225

Why does upholstery cleaning cost so much? Upholstery cleaning is time consuming and delicate care is necessary. For example, a standard size sofa can take easily 45 minutes to an 1 hour to clean or more. We clean every side of each cushion and all the fabric that is cleanable. If we charged less, high quality would be sacrificed.