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Locally owned, IICRC Certified

180 Carpet Cleaning is a locally owned, IICRC Certified company that strictly follows industry standards and warranty requirements of the largest carpet manufactures, including Shaw and Mohawk.

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Cutting-edge, Zero-Residue Technology

Our cleaning method is truck-mounted steam cleaning, which is also known as hot water extraction. This method has twice the amount of suction and heats the water hotter and more consistently than our competition.

Our safe and effective cleaning agents won’t leave soap residue that can contribute to rapid re-soiling or chemical sensitivities. Your carpet will stay cleaner longer, thanks to our zero residue carpet cleaning process.

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The 180 Guarantee

We provide an unmatched carpet restoration process that gets your carpets clean when others have failed.

Our process is more thorough, cleans better, and dries faster than other professionals. 180 Carpet Cleaning ensures the job is done right the first time through our time-tested techniques and attention to detail.

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